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Cast Bullet FAQ and Shooting Tips


How fast can I shoot cast bullets without lead fouling my bore?

Rules of thumb for maximum velocity:   

•Gas check hard cast bullet: maximum 1700-2000 fps   

•Plain based hard cast bullet: maximum 1200-1700 fps   

•Plain based soft cast bullet: maximum 800 - 1000 fps      

this is assuming a good condition, clean bore. 

Some rifles will do better, some not. Bore condition and bullet fit are the biggest factors.

Tips for Shooting Cast Bullets

Bore preparation: Before you start with cast bullets - leading can be prevented by giving the barrel a good scrub with copper and lead solvents before shooting cast.

Barrel Break-In: With a new rifle or barrel, break in the barrel with 20 or more jacketed bullets before shooting cast. After break-in with jacketed bullets, switch to cast and there will far less initial chance of lead fouling.

Cast Bullet Sizing: Cast bullets need to seal the bore well to prevent gas cutting, A cast bullet is normally .001-.002" larger than barrel groove diameter.

Barrel Condition: Barrels that have rough sections, excessive pitting, rust, or damage may suffer excessive lead fouling with cast bullets. Jacketed bullets are likely the best bet for these barrels.