Wetaskiwin AB, CANADA

Specialty Cast Bullets since 2013


We make:  

•Lever Action Bullets (38-55, 45-70, 32 Spl, etc)  

•Regular Hard Cast Bullets   

•Soft Cast Bullets for Antique & Black Powder   

•Custom hardness & sizing

•Cast bullets using Customer's mold

Some of our Hard Cast Bullets

8mm Rifle             8x50 Lebel 

45-70                      44 Mag & Spl

45 Colt                   6.5x55  

30-30                      30 caliber   

38-55                      32-40   

43 Mauser           7.62 Russian   

416 Rigby            458 Win Mag   

375                          303 British             

500 S&W       ...and more.

...and some of our Soft Cast Bullets

Bullets for old and obsolete calibers with softer lead bullets that many old guns were designed for: 

577 Snider         450/577 Martini Henry

455 Webley               11mm 1873 French              

38 S&W                      8mm Lebel Revolver

442 RIC                                     9.4mm Dutch

44 Russian                                 41 Long Colt

     ....and more

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